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Career Path Assessment

Keirsey Temperament Sorter-II

The Temperament and Careers report assists career professionals, job seekers, and students in the career exploration process. This Keirsey report is designed to help you align your career choices with your innate strengths and preferences. It includes expert advice on career options, tips on communication, interpersonal skills, and insight on navigating the job market based on their personality type. This report provides suggested career matches, based on research surveys conducted across a wide spectrum of industry.

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Career Path Assessment
Career Management Tool
  • Connects with core values & beliefs
  • Provides a foundation for transition
  • Develops Personal Branding
  • Gathers Keywords for Personal Marketing
  • Provides Interview Preparation
  • Discovers your Personal Mission
What you get
  • 1 Year renewable subscription
  • PDF of Turning Points companion book

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Competency Training

Assess Your Competencies

  • Translate your postgraduate training experience into
    24 business competencies
  • Make yourself more job competitive
  • Map your competencies to job types that value them
  • Plan your short-term and long-term career strategy

Employer Research

Free access to Annual Reports, emailed immediately to you

  • Over 25 Industries
  • 7 Global Regions
  • Hundreds of Employers
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Presentation Skills

Expert presenter

  • 7 week program videos improves your scientific presentation skills
  • ncludes audio, video and text including exercices
  • Topics: "How to Introduce Yourself", "Eliminating Um Er and Uh", and "How to Handle Speaker Anxiety." Course progresses to science based presenting skills like: "Scientific Storytelling", "Making Better Graphics, Tables and Charts", and "Slide Design Rules"
  • Previously taught at Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, U Penn, Roche and American Heart Association

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